I'm working a full time, 9 to 6 job but I can't say I'm super busy at work. Sometimes I am, but usually I can take my time with what I'm working on. And sometimes, well, there's not much to do and that's when the days can seem really, really long. That's why I started listening to podcast on a regular basis. I love to learn things and if work is slow, it makes me feel like I've still accomplished something of my day, I've learned something.

Here are five of my favorites podcast. There's many more, but let's start with five.

Stuff to blow your mind

Stuff to blow your mind is an amazing place to learn weird sciency stuff. I like to learn things and what will make me look more intelligent in a conversation than start talking bout beekeeping in Ancient Egypt or blood algorithms?

Truth and justice & Undisclosed

When I first started to listen to Serial, I was hooked. Once I binged the small number of episode, I wanted to learn more. I might have been slightly obsessed, to be honest. That's when I discovered Undisclosed and Truth & Justice. Both if then went deep in detailed in the Adnan Syed case and have since started investigating new cases of their own. If you're into criminal stuff at all, you probably already know about them.


This podcast is so well produced! Every show covers a couple of interesting stories about one theme. All real stories that happened to real people, usually historical and anecdotal events you wouldn't have heard of otherwise. It's a must-listen-to podcast.

Myths and legends

I don't know about you, but I loved myths and legends since I was a little kid. This podcast narrate tales from all around the world, the ones we think we know like the little mermaid and other you've probably never heard of. But there is more to the fairy tale than what we've heard of as a kid. Some have weird origins, like really weird.

What are your favorites podcast? I need to add new things to my to-listen list, leave a comment below!

Note: I would have added link to all of the podcast websites, but I have problems with my computer and I'm writing this from my phone right now. Let me tell you that blogger is far from mobile friendly... I hope everything will go back to normal very soon!

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Usually I'm spending all of my weekend mornings alone because my boyfriend is working, so I end up grabbing whatever to eat while I do some cleaning or blogging... Or TV watching. But sometimes it's nice to take some extra time to prepare a nice meal, create a mood and relax while enjoying a nice brunch. And yesterday this is what I've done.

Not that this was anything fancy, but I’d rather not spend too much time cooking if it’s only for me. It’s just not as fun.

So I cooked french toast & an egg, brew some tea and sat down to read a book while eating.

Taking some time for myself to relax actually made me more productive for the rest of the day.

So take some time off too. It can be brunch, a bubble bath, a face mask, go for a walk or browsing Netflix. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you take some time off once in a while! Because as much as we'd all like to think we're wonder woman, everyone needs to relax from time to time.

There’s not much I love more in nail polishes than neutral tones. I own my fair share of nude shades, but there's more than nudes that can be categorized as neutral.

Here I've picked a few of my favorite, and they will look good with any color of outfit you could be wearing.

A grey

I love a good gray nail for the fall. I think it looks really chic, especially if you add a mat top coat on it. Grey is the ultimate neutral by nature and will really work with anything. This shade is  greige garden (404) by Sally Hansen and it has a purple undertone to it, which makes it even more interesting.

A white

This one might not a shade you expect to see in the winter, but if you think about it, snow is white, so why shouldn't your nails be? Even if it would be the obvious Sumner neutral, I love to use it in the colder months for an unexpected touch. This is sure thing (510) by Revlon gel thing.

A charcoal

A dark, moody color is your best pick to feel warm and cozy when fall and its cold weather comes back. However, a deep burgundy might not look its best depending on what you're wearing (it definitely looks too Christmassy with my forest-green pants. And as much I love Christmas, I'm just not ready yet). So charcoal might be the best dark neutral tone for your nails. The one I choose for this post (An Essie polish, but the name's not on it...) has a slight shimmer to it too, which is usually not my favorite, but for this color I think it works best because it helps making it less dark and serious, if that makes sense..

A terracotta-ish

Okay, so this one might be a bit of a stretch. It definitely has more of a color to it than any of the other polishes I've chosen. It's more saturated than the other ones, but I'd describe it as a toned down red with orange undertones. It is as neutral as a red can get. It would also work just as well for winter or summer. This particular shade is in stitches by Essie.

A gold

A gold nail polish is basically a shimmery nude, right? So if you ever want to get festive, this is the one. There is a lot of variation of golds, this particular shade is penny talk by Essie, so I guess it is more of a copper than an actual gold. I would still categorize it in the gold spectrum though...

What are your favorites neutral nail colors? I’d love to know, even if I really don’t need to be enabled to buy more polish!

Greens. Was there anything worse to eat as a kid? But even if we get around to eating, and even enjoying it as an adult, we can always use some inspiration to make it different and more appealing.

I was browsing Pinterest, as one do, and came across a lot of mouth watering photos of green veggies. I thought I'd share so you can spice up your side dishes too!

Spoiler: May contain traces of bacon.

01. Broccoli Tots by Gimme Delicious

These Broccoli tots are probably the best way to turn veggies into something you’d usually feel a little bad about eating. From breakfast to late night snack, these would be perfect.

02. Green Beans Portobellos by The Wicked Noodle

I absolutely love mushrooms. Any type, in anything and no matter the cooking method. This recipe would make the perfect side dish with a roasted chicken but to be honest, I could probably eat it as a main dish too.

03. Green Goddess Hummus by Hapa Nom Nom

So, hummus is already pretty healthy on its own. But why not switching it up, you wouldn't want to get bored with it, would you? This one is made with edamame and avocado. What else can you ask for?

04. 5 Minutes Magic Green Sauce by Pinch Of Yum

Magic sauce! There's no way not to love something called magic. Just the name makes me happy. Do you know what else makes me happy? It only takes 5 minutes to make and it's good with everything. EVERYTHING.

05. Proscuitto Wrapped Asparagus by Damn Delicious

I warned you there might be bacon somewhere in these recipes. Okay, okay, this is not bacon, but it's close enough. And you could totally change the proscuitto for bacon anyway.

06. Loaded power Salad by What's Gaby Cooking

I love, love, love big salads with little to no lettuce in it. I’m just not the biggest fan of lettuce, whatever. This one has everything you need to stay filled up for a while too. They serve it with a basil vinaigrette, which I’m sure is really good, but try it with the 5 minute magic sauce. You’re welcome.

07. Restaurant Style Chinese Greens by Rasa Malaysia

If you ask me, Asians are definitely doing veggies right. I mean, somehow they make the most boring veggies look mouth watering. Not that bok choy are boring. I really love bok choy. This is a really easy recipe you can make with any greens.

08. Spicy Sichuan Green by Kalyn Kitchen

Green beans are not always my favorite veggie, but I've used the recipe for edamame, broccoli and even radishes before and it works great with all of them. Also, sichuan dishes are just the best. If you like spicy that is.

09. Avocado Pasta by Damn Delicious

Pasta? Yes, please. Avocado? Can eat it by the spoonful. Mix the two to create an amazing guilt free carb dish? I'm definitely in. And I’m sure you will be too.

10. Spinach Wraps by Katie At The Kitchen Door

Look the amazing color these wraps have and try to tell me you wouldn't want to eat one right now… It is a fail proof way to eat veggies without even noticing. Also, the pictures just look amazing.

Bonus: Is your leafy greens always get bad before you get a chance to eat it? Read this article by Whole New Mom.

Stock photo from kaboompics.com

Here are some favorites from the last months.

Rimmel Blush
I'm usually not much of a compulsive buyer, but sometimes I do have that need to buy thing I don't really need. For some reason it makes me feel good. Maybe I'm too much of a materialist. This is what happened when I bought this blush. I ended up using it all month long as it is a neutral pink and it looks really natural on me. It also has that perfect in between pigmentation where it definitely shows up on the skin, but it is still hard to go overboard with it.

Sephora Cleansing Brush
To be honest, I only bought this Sephora Cleansing Brush because it looked cute and I thought it would make a good photo accessory. However I ended up loving it! It turns any cleanser into a soft exfoliation.

Nyx Contour Palette
I know I added this one in my favorites before, but I've rediscovered it this month. I love the highlight shades. Its that kind of in between shimmer that pack a punch, but still look natural, depending on how much you put on. I love the two matte light shades too that works really well as a setting powder. There's also a selection of contour shades. I don't use all of them because some don't really work for my skin tone, but one of them is the perfect not-too-warm color that really makes it look like a shadow rather than a bronzer.

Nyx Brow Pen
It is basically a dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wise, maybe a little more waxy. The color I have is slightly too warm, but I can still make it work. However I know when I'm out of it I will repurchase this one over the Anastasia one because the price tag is way lower.

Revlon Matte Liquid Lipstick
Not a fan of the smell. It is way too synthetic for me. However, I'm a big fan of the color and formula, which is the one lipstick I wore the most this month. This mat and easy to apply. It has a decent wear time too.

President's Choice Sunscreen
The smell of this sunscreen might be the only reason why I use it. I usually forget to put SPF on, but with this one I always remember because it smells so good. Other than its sweet coconut smell, I also love that it is a spray formula which makes it super easy to apply. I even reapply it on top of my makeup in the middle of the day sometimes. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use it on my face, but it doesn't seem to break me out so far.