Here are some favorites from the last months.

Rimmel Blush
I'm usually not much of a compulsive buyer, but sometimes I do have that need to buy thing I don't really need. For some reason it makes me feel good. Maybe I'm too much of a materialist. This is what happened when I bought this blush. I ended up using it all month long as it is a neutral pink and it looks really natural on me. It also has that perfect in between pigmentation where it definitely shows up on the skin, but it is still hard to go overboard with it.

Sephora Cleansing Brush
To be honest, I only bought this Sephora Cleansing Brush because it looked cute and I thought it would make a good photo accessory. However I ended up loving it! It turns any cleanser into a soft exfoliation.

Nyx Contour Palette
I know I added this one in my favorites before, but I've rediscovered it this month. I love the highlight shades. Its that kind of in between shimmer that pack a punch, but still look natural, depending on how much you put on. I love the two matte light shades too that works really well as a setting powder. There's also a selection of contour shades. I don't use all of them because some don't really work for my skin tone, but one of them is the perfect not-too-warm color that really makes it look like a shadow rather than a bronzer.

Nyx Brow Pen
It is basically a dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wise, maybe a little more waxy. The color I have is slightly too warm, but I can still make it work. However I know when I'm out of it I will repurchase this one over the Anastasia one because the price tag is way lower.

Revlon Matte Liquid Lipstick
Not a fan of the smell. It is way too synthetic for me. However, I'm a big fan of the color and formula, which is the one lipstick I wore the most this month. This mat and easy to apply. It has a decent wear time too.

President's Choice Sunscreen
The smell of this sunscreen might be the only reason why I use it. I usually forget to put SPF on, but with this one I always remember because it smells so good. Other than its sweet coconut smell, I also love that it is a spray formula which makes it super easy to apply. I even reapply it on top of my makeup in the middle of the day sometimes. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use it on my face, but it doesn't seem to break me out so far.
Gendots : Riversol Skincare Review

A few months ago I've been sent a set of skincare by Riversol, a Canadian company from Vancouver. I was impresed by how much product I got, but couldn't proceed to try them out, as I was already testing other skincare. It had taken me time, but I've finally got around to it.

The Riversol skincare range is made with Beta-T (Beta-Thujaplicin), which is derived from red cedar from the Pacific Northwest. Beta-T benefits include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-pigmentation proprieties.

So here's what I thought of the products:

Riversol Foaming Gel Cleanser
$29 available at
This cleanser has a very strong cedar smell. Like, really strong at first, but then I got use to it. It says foaming gel and yes it is a gel, but to me it wasn't foaming at all. My skin doesn't seem to react badly to it and as long as I use something more targeted to deep pore cleansing or a scrub a few times a week my black heads don't go out of control. I did notice that my skin gets less red when using it.

Riversol Anti-Redness Serum
$69 available at
It is very liquidy when first applied and adhere and sinks into the skin fast. The smell is a lot milder than the cleanser. Actually, I could barely smell anything. I feel like whatever I put on top of this will somehow work faster.

Riversol Daily Moisturizing Lotion
$49 available at
It goes on somewhat mat and is not geasy at all. In combination with the serum it looks really good underneath make up. However, it is not moisturizing enough for my highly dehydrated skin to use on a daily basis. But if I want my make up to look extra good, this is the combo I would use, as long as it's not every day.

Overall, I think these Riversol products are good, even if it's not moisturizing enough for my really dehydrated skin. I'm sure it would be perfect for someone with normal skin.

I don't know about you, but for me hot summer days like we had this weekend really make me want to have a nice cocktail under an umbrella by the pool. I don't have a pool, or an umbrella, but I can still manage to mix up a refreshing drink.

The people at Ungava were nice enough to send me a bottle of their gin. And it is good. It is made of indigenous Canadian herbs and plants which really give it something unique.

So here is the cocktail I made this weekend on Friday night to celebrate our day off.

  • 1 oz Cider or apple juice
  • 1 oz Ungava Prenium Gin
  • 2 oz Sprite or enough to fill your glass
  • Lots of ice
  • A slice of lemon zest

Shake the cider, gin and ice in a mason jar, add the sprite. Curl the lemon zest and add it to the drink.

I hope you enjoy the summer as much as I do!

I've been so tired this last week. I feel like I had appointment on top of appointment for the last months and I just want it to stop so I can have some time to relax.

I had to take Astrid, my cat, to the vet because she needed to have a tooth removed. Even if it wasn't as much of a big deal as Augustus, my other cat, surgery last year, I was still worried, but everything went fine.

So, yeah, I needed an evening to myself to relax.

BVSpas Sugar Scrub in Grapefruit
This felt so good on my skin. It scrubs really well, but yet is not too abrasive. The smell is amazing and really fresh which makes it perfect for those hot summer days. My skin now feels really smooth and it didn't dried it out. It is made with Safflower Seed Oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil, so this is obviously why my skin feels so good!

The BodyShop Warming Mineal Mask
I bought this one recently and I am really happy with it. It smells good. The fact that it is heating really makes me feel like it actually works at cleaning my pores.

BVSpas Body Butter in Grapefruit*
It is thick, moisturizing and smells amazing. It is basically all I want from a body butter. With ingredients like Cocoa Seed Butter, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil, its moisturizing capabilities, to me, compares to the body shop body butters, which I think is amazing.

Bath&Body Works Candle in Watermelon Lemonade
What is a long bath without burning a candles? I especially love this one. It smells like watermelon bubble gum and takes me back to my childhood.

InténsivEyes Cucumber Under-Eyes Pad
I love these eye sheet mask. It feels fresh and let my under eye feel really soft.

I feel much better now and I am ready to start this new week and be as productive as I can be.

This is more of a half-of-April-and-May favorite since I didn't post an April favorite post. I didn't have enough things to talk about in April and for good reasons. I had my wisdom teeth removed my face has been swollen for a week and a half and was still sore a while after that. Needless to say I did not use a lot of beauty products. However, May have been better, easier to deal with as far as my face go.

Bio Oil
Bio Oil is a skin saver. After not washing my face for a week and a half, I needed something that would work quickly. In 2-3 days my skin was back to normal. It's more of an April favourite, but it was the only one so I'm throwing it in here.

Epiderma day & night cream
I didn't think too much about these two moisturizer when I first started using it. It was only when I started writing my review that I realized how much my skin was liking it. My skin is not dry and my big black head are shrinking. What more can I ask for? You can read my whole review here.

Magnesium supplement
I read an article about magnesium supplements last month and I realized how much magnesium deficiency symptoms I had. I decided to try it and I can feel that I have so much more energy! From my readings I learned that about 80% of the population has this deficiency. Crazy, right? And magnesium is part of a LOT of chemical reactions happening in our bodies, so it is important. So, I got my boyfriend to try it too and he saw a difference in his energy too!

What has been your favorites products lately? Have you ever tried any supplements? I'd love to know!