First of all : hello, my name is Geneviève and I am the person behind Gendots. 

I'm a twenty-something who studied graphic design and have a passion for anything beauty related. I also love good food, DIY, fashion and cats.

Even if I recently moved to Montreal, I was raised in a small, french speaking town, that could easily be referred to as the middle of nowhere. (The french speaking part is also the reason why there might be some sentences that don't make sens from time to time. But hey, I really try.)

I started this blog in April 2013. At the time, it didn't last long. I started back in early 2014 and kept it going since then. I think one of the reasons I started this blog is because I do love everything beauty related, but didn't have anyone to share my passion with. None of my friends were really into make up or skincare.

Why Gendots?
It is a mix of Geneviève (my name) and dots (I used to be known to wear lots of polka dots patterns)

My thoughts on beauty blogs
I think the beauty blogging community is slowly changing the way we see beauty standards. Especially for young girls and woman. I know it changed mine. This relatively new thing that is blogging (also putting YouTube in this categorie) allow any girl/woman to stand up to the world and say I'm proud of who I am, no matter the size of her waist or breast or her height. No matter if she has a big nose, or uneven eyes, or acne. This is gonna sounds cheesy, but I think these woman are all unique and beautiful, even (and more so) if they didn't come out of magazines.

So I want to make my little contribution to it all and I hope you will follow me through it.

I'm just going to throw some random facts about me now :

  • I love anything history related
  • I drink tea with a passion
  • I am a single child
  • I have two cats : Astrid and Augustus, they are on Instagram a lot
  • I lived with my boyfriend for three years now
  • I love crêpes, burgers and chocolate
  • I am a TV shows addict
  • I love to cook
  • I really don't get along with cold, I prefer warm weather by far
  • The only thing I might hate more than winter is cooked carrots
  • I used to be a HUGE fan of S Club 7


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